Thursday, December 19, 2013

You can never have too many purses....

Or maybe I should say that I wouldn't ever admit to having too many purses.

And to go with that kind of thinking, I made this cute little bag for myself.

The pattern is really easy and it only took a couple of hours, start to finish, to get the purse made. I did make one change to the pattern though. I have a concealed carry license and often carry a firearm with me, so I really like to have a place to put it. Ha! Anyway, I added two large pockets to the inside of the purse. They start from a couple of inches below the top of the purse and extend all the way to the bottom. Because I put them in the middle, it actually separates the inside of the purse into two sections. It wasn't part of the original pattern, but it was a really easy little tweak.

I took the purse with me while we were in Las Vegas and actually had someone (a woman in an accounting class with me) ask me about it and express interest in maybe purchasing one. That's always the best compliment, isn't it?

I got the pattern from a link that my daughter sent me via Pinterest, but now I can't find it for the life of me. It's not in my Pinterest 'likes' or on any of my boards. I even did a search of where I thought it linked back to and still can't find it. How crazy is that?! I printed out the instructions, so I'll dig those up and post the link here as an update.