Monday, April 29, 2013


We have a client that is an older lady and she likes to shell pecans when they're in season. So at Christmas time she told her kids that she wanted pecans to shell. Well, they came through with about 300 pounds of pecans for her. Then, she also knows another man that owns and orchard and dropped by out of the blue one day and brought her another 300 pounds!! So, she's been giving pecans to everyone that she can.

I just happened to stop by to pick up her paperwork in the midst of all of this and was the happy recipient of a couple of bags of shelled pecans. And they're really good too.

So, I've been making goodies with pecans in them. We don't generally like pecans in our breads or cookies so I've been looking for things that revolve around the pecans. I came across this recipe for Pecan Pie Muffins at The Girl Who Ate Everything.

They were really good!! To be honest, I don't really care much for pecan pie (I know! I know! My mother wonders how I can be both a southern girl and her daughter.) but I really liked these. They're gooey and decadent and just all around good.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My how time flies!

Wow! It seems that another bunch of time has passed since I was on here last. I haven't really had time to work anything new. I've got a couple of recipes that I'll share soon but that's been about the whole of it.

It was a crazy busy tax season at the office and with quarterly reports now due it hasn't really slowed down much.

We've also been busy dealing with the crappy stuff that life sometimes throws at us all.

Two weeks ago one of our dogs was poisoned with anti-freeze. What a horrible thing to do to an animal. It's an awful way to die. And the daughter that this dog belonged to was very attached and involved with her dog and she loved him so very much. It's been heartbreaking to see her go through the hurt of his death and how awful it was.

Not long before this happened, she painted this picture of him:

Not bad for a 14 year old girl that's taking art at school for the first time this year......if I do say so myself. lol

She is coping with it by drawing and painting and I'm glad she has that outlet.

Another daughter was in a pageant yesterday and when we got home I found that our refrigerator isn't cooling. *sigh* I am completely grateful that we have another refrigerator in the garage that doesn't usually have much in it so that I at least had somewhere to put the food until we can get a repair man out to the house.

But somewhere in the meantime, I'll try to get back to doing things that I like.....