Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunny

My daughter, Addison, has been asking the Easter Bunny for a 7-foot bunny for years now.

Because I am one of 'those' kind of parents, this year she finally got what she has been asking for.


It's a bunny with 7 feet!!!!
View from the back....

I don't think she was thrilled with the Easter Bunny. LOL

To make this, I just bought four bunnies at the dollar store and used the legs off the other three to sew onto this bunny.

My father-in-law kept giving me a hard time about the other bunnies being out there dragging themselves around with no legs. That's just uncalled for. LOL

Addison acted all put-out about it yesterday, but I saw her grab it to take to school with her today to show her friends. I'm taking that as proof that she thinks it's funny (because we're raising 'those' kind of children) but just felt like she needed to be upset about it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Button, button, who's got the button.....

I do!!

And a lot of them.

Kirsten and I made buttons this week (loosely) based on these tutorials. I say loosely because my computer at home has stopped talking to my internet connection (who knows what they've had a spat about) so I had to go mostly by memory. At almost the end of tax season, good memory is harder to come by.

Anyway, here's what we ended up with.

The colors are not as intense as when we started. And, I really think that we got the clay a little too thin. We'll certainly try again and go with thicker buttons.

I think Kirsten is going to use these to make a bracelet, but I don't know for sure yet.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easy Easter Decoration

I have a wooden basket on my coffee table. It usually has small rocks with candles in it.

I've also had these egg shaped Easter candles forever and I don't think I've ever actually put them out.

Well, this year I decided to do something about that.

Empty the rocks and grab a few bags of jelly beans and ta-da!!

It looks really cute (live and in person anyway.)

Now my only problem is keeping the kids from eating the decorations.

Luckily the dogs haven't discovered them yet. lol