Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hoping for cooler weather

I saw a recipe forever ago on how to make your own lip gloss. I bought everything I needed and never got it done.

Then, as I often do, I put the stuff away and couldn't find it again to save my life. I was recently complaining about it and Abigail thought she remembered seeing the little containers, and went to find them. She found them in the basket with all the cookie cutters. Why on earth I put them there I'll never no.

So, this time I got it made before I lost the supplies again.

All you need are petroleum jelly and flavoring. The original recipe used Kool-Aid but I wanted something that would have a sweet taste, not a lot of color, but no sugar. So instead I used the generic version of Crystal Light.

I just put some of the petroleum jelly in a microwave safe dish and melted it using 30 second intervals. When it was all melted, I stirred in a package of the drink mix. Then poured it into my clean containers and let it cool and set up again. And that's it!!!

I got these containers at Target. They were in the section with the travel size stuff and were in packages of two for $1. Can't beat that deal!!!

I like the fact that it goes on smooth, only takes a little, and is lightly flavored. Hopefully there will be no chap lips when the weather changes.


Rachel said...

This is great. I actually do carry vasoline in my purse about that size. so you know it aint small. I think i might try it. Is it actually flavorful?

Taryn said...

Yes, the drink mix gives it a sweet flavor. I didn't use a whole lot because I was scared to over do it, but I would think you could try more to suit you.