Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Machine embroidery.....first time

Well, I've had my sewing machine for a little over a year now. It's taken me up until recently to work up the nerve to try downloading different embroidery patterns and making them with my machine.

Okay, honest? I still wouldn't have worked up the nerve to do it even now if I hadn't been forced to.

My mother-in-law loves the Pillsbury Dough Boy and has had her kitchen decorated with him for years. I've often bought her new towels and rags for her kitchen whenever I can find them with the Dough Boy on them or I've ordered many times from ebay.

Well, this year I found that even on ebay the prices have just gotten too high. I mean, really, $30 for a kitchen towel? That she's going to use daily!! I don't think so.

So, I found a site that sold sets of different dough boys and ordered them. At first my machine wouldn't read the file and in seeing my frustration my prince came to the rescue. He got online with Bernina and downloaded a program to transfer the digital file into one my machine could read. God I love that man!

And it worked!

I was nervous, too, about doing a pattern that required a change in threads because I didn't know anything about how to do it. But it turns out that it was much easier than I had anticipated.

I made these two towels with matching rags for her.

For the rags I scaled down the pattern to 50% of its original size.

I think they turned out great and she loved them so it was all good.

Who knows, maybe now I'll go crazy and embroider everything I can find. Ha!

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