Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Upcycled overalls

I started these forever ago. I put them away (probably because people were coming to my house) and then promptly forgot about them. I recently came across them again and finished them.

I just love them!!

Here's a close up of the face I put on the bib part:

I used a page from a children's coloring book as the basis for my pattern. I think that's a great place to find things to pattern off of.....especially the ones for younger children because they're big and simple.

I can't believe I forgot about having these because I was almost finished with them when I had to put them away. It probably took me all of 10-15 minutes to get them done. Sheesh!!


Rosa said...

I love this idea! I babysit and love to buy my kiddies clothes. This is such a good way to make sure no one else has it. I do a little bit of sewing, but on denim, did you have to use a special needle on the sewing machine?

Taryn Verleye said...

I did most of the work on the sewing machine. If you're going to do this by hand make sure you use a strong needle. But most important, make sure to use a thimble.

Rosa said...

Will do! Thanks so much :)