Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy new year

I know this blog has been sorely neglected. Last year just felt so off all year and I felt overwhelmed much of the time. In many ways it was a tough year......I lost four family members and a friend. But in other ways it was good....a new church started in our area that we really like.

Anyway, it's a new year and I'm looking forward to great things this year. 

Instead of coming up with a bunch of resolutions that I'll be lucky to still even remember into February, I like to come up with a word as my theme for the year. (Maybe I was so lost last year because I don't think I did that.) So, I played around with a lot of different words but none were feeling right. Then The word 'gratitude' rolled through my head and that felt all kinds of right. 

So there you go.....gratitude. I'm going to spend my year remembering, noticing, and looking for things to be grateful for.

I bought myself a cute little journal to keep track of it in.

I'm excited about this and looking forward to the changes that taking the time to see and be grateful will bring.

Hope the new year is bringing you inspiration and excitement as well!

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