Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Better this year

Happy New Year!!!

I'm so sorry that I was mostly absent last year. I did stuff.....I just didn't put it here.

Soooooo, this year, once again, I have chosen a focus word for the year rather than setting resolutions that will be broken and forgotten by the end of January. My focus word for 2017 is 'Better'. Keeping up with this blog and my other one are both part of my goal of being better. And there are only a million other things that I need to be better at also, but anything I do better is an improvement.

Awhile back, I had seen a picture in a catalog of a sweatshirt with a lace heart on it. The price on it was outrageous, and especially so since I knew I could make one. There wasn't anything special to it.

I took a sweatshirt from my son (he never wore it) and got a lace curtain panel off of ebay for a couple of bucks.

 I cut the shape out of my lace. Used iron on bonding to attach it to the shirt, and wallah.......


If you decide to make one, a word of caution though.  Because lace is, well......lace, make sure that you have some wax paper, or freezer paper, covering what would be the exposed part of the lace so that the bonding stuff doesn't melt to your iron.

If you try it, let me see some pictures. I'd love to see yours and see what other shapes people might choose to go with.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to try to be BETTER about posting this year. And I hope that everyone has a year that is better than last year..........even if you had a great year last year, I hope that this one is even better.

See ya soon!

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