Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween bags

I found a pattern and let the girls make some no-sew bags using bandannas.

Unfortunately, they put too many books in theirs and ripped them before I could even get pictures.

So, when I was in Hobby Lobby the other day (or every other day it seems) I found some Halloween bandannas. Since they were on sale I decided that I would make some of the no-sew bags for the girls. I looked again and came across .these instructions.

I used the orange bandanna on one side and the other side is a black bandanna with spider webs on it. Also, I tweaked the pattern just a little. I wanted the bag to not be so deep so I folded the top edges down about 2 inches and tied it in with the others. I also hope that will help to give it a little more strength near the handles. (That's where the girls bags ripped.)

I've only gotten this one made so I'd better find the time to get the other two made before next Saturday. I hope they like them

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