Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm still here.......

Oh my gosh!!!! I can't believe how much time has gone by since I've posted. I'm so sorry for the absence.

Right after my last post, Dax and I went to San Antonio for the weekend. Just the two of us. My parents came to keep the kids.

We had a great time, but I woke up early that Sunday morning sick as a dog. It took about the next week for me to even have the will to live again. lol (My mother thought it was just a hangover. Really? For a whole week? I don't think so Mom!)  It took me about two weeks to finally get over it, and then a couple of the kids got sick too.

As a result, there hasn't been a lot of crafting or creating going on.

But I did get a little bit done.

In the entry way I hung this banner that says 'Give Thanks'. I used stencil letters that I first painted orange and then covered with orange glitter. It was a messy job but a lot of fun.

I came across several yards of burlap at the thrift store and used that to back my letters. I used scrapbooking brads shaped like leaves to attach the letters to the burlap. Then I strung the letters onto jute.

Above my banner, I hung a branch (a small one) from the yard. I bought a couple of bags of fake leaves in the dollar section at Target. Each day we use these leaves to write something we're thankful for and then we stick them on the branch or the wall around it.

The picture is just the first day. It's looking much better now.  I was going to do a whole tree with brown craft paper, but our kitten wouldn't quit attacking it and trying to crawl under it, so I had to alter the plans a little. (Now I'm a little worried about what the Christmas tree will be like.)

Anyway, I really like doing this because it makes the kids think of all of the things in their life they have that are good and worth giving thanks for. It's a good exercise for all of us.

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