Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunny

My daughter, Addison, has been asking the Easter Bunny for a 7-foot bunny for years now.

Because I am one of 'those' kind of parents, this year she finally got what she has been asking for.


It's a bunny with 7 feet!!!!
View from the back....

I don't think she was thrilled with the Easter Bunny. LOL

To make this, I just bought four bunnies at the dollar store and used the legs off the other three to sew onto this bunny.

My father-in-law kept giving me a hard time about the other bunnies being out there dragging themselves around with no legs. That's just uncalled for. LOL

Addison acted all put-out about it yesterday, but I saw her grab it to take to school with her today to show her friends. I'm taking that as proof that she thinks it's funny (because we're raising 'those' kind of children) but just felt like she needed to be upset about it.

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