Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick Skirt

I made a skirt out of some knit fabric that I've had

No, seriously, I mean forever. And I had a ton of it. I made this swim suit cover out of the same fabric. So, yeah, a lot of it.

Anyway, I had seen a cute ruffled knit skirt and decided I should have on for myself.

I came across a couple of different life changing techniques for gathering fabric. And I do mean life changing. The thought of gathering for ruffles doesn't even make me want to scream anymore.

First I cut two pieces of fabric long and wide enough to make the skirt. Then I cut the remaining fabric that I had into strips that are five inches wide. I only decided on 5 inches wide because that's how wide my ruler is and that makes everything easier.

Note: It is important to make sure that the stretch of the fabric goes across the strips and not down the length of them.

To gather all of these strips you simply sew them as normal, but while they are going through pull the fabric away from the needle on both sides.

 I used both hands while doing this but couldn't take a picture that way too. lol So, does that make sense? With the right hand stretch the fabric to the right and with the left hand stretch it to the left. That's why it's important that the stretch of the fabric goes across the strip of fabric.

 Just doing that while you're stitching along the strip gives you a result like this.

Then, I attached them to my skirt. I simply folded over the top piece and stitched it down to cover the top of the top ruffle.
It was really quick and easy. (Please ignore that I didn't make sure all the ruffles were smoothed down in this picture. lol) I didn't even hem anything since it's a knit. It just wasn't necessary.

If you haven't tried gathering this way you simply must. It will change the way you feel about it completely.

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