Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Matching game

My niece's birthday is on May 10. She'll be two. I never know what to get her and at this age I want her to have something to open. I'm sure later gift cards will be what she wants but for now she needs a present.

I saw on another site where someone had made a matching game using two inch chipboard squares so I decided to give it a try. I used scrapbook paper on one side. I made sure to get something that would look the same no matter where I cut the squares out from. I used a 1-7/8 inch punch so that all of my paper pieces would look the same. I also used a tea stain ink pad along the edges to cover up the chipboard and give it some interest. For the matching part I used pictures of my niece. There are some with just her and some with her parents or grandparents. And through it all, mod podge is my friend. :0)

I made twenty squares (ten matches) because I was afraid too many would be overwhelming. Heck, I don't even know if she's ready for these at two but I figure you've gotta start sometime, right? lol

I also found a little wooden box at Goodwill that I decorated to put the game pieces in.

(Her mom is really into the big flowers with the gemstone in the center) Anyway, it was fun to make and I'll probably do it again when the opportunity arises. I hope she likes it.

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Roxanne said...

What a great gift idea! It's really cute!!