Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Morning Check In

Good Memorial Day to everyone! Take a moment sometime today to pause and remember those that have given all in the protection and support of our country. My gratitude is with them all every day.

As for weight loss, I've got nothing to report. Another week holding steady. I really am thankful for the five pounds that I've lost but I certainly would like for these remaining ten to join them. My class reunion is in 3 weeks. I'm thinking since I haven't budged in the last 3 weeks that it's not likely that I'll drop these ten pounds by then either. Grr! But, I'm not giving up....I still want to lose them. If I could do it before I have to put on a swim suit that would be even better.

Hope everyone has a good week. Don't over do it with any bar-b-qued goodies today. :0)

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