Friday, June 26, 2009

Made my own Fireworks!!

I decided to make my own firecrackers for 4th of July.

Sound scary?

I have some fabric that has flags on it - I don't know why I have it or even where it came from, but I have it. lol Anyway, I cut the fabric into pieces to fit around the cardboard tube at the center of toilet paper rolls. After it had dried (actually it was weeks after it had dried) I mod podged it onto the tubes leaving a little room at the bottom to tuck the fabric up inside the tube and a lot of room at the top. I put a rubber band at the top to hold it all close together and then cut the fabric into thin little strips.

I thought they came out cute. I made three of them and put them on the red pedestal plate that I had made along with some other things.

(please ignore the computer and books on the table)

There are three wooden stars stacked at the back of the plate. One each of red, white, and blue, the firecrackers, and a couple of pictures of very important soldiers.

The picture in the foreground is my Grandfather. The picture in the back is my Great-Grandfather and was taken in Paris, France during the war. I thought this would be a great time to set them out. Although, these aren't the originals, just scanned copies that I reprinted. I wouldn't want the originals to get destroyed. :0)

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