Monday, September 21, 2009

And another.....

I've made another book bag. This one is for Addison. She's crazy about bunny rabbits so I bought the tapestry piece that I used for the pocket. The green fabric is a heavy fabric used for work pants that I had in my stash. My great aunt had given it to me years ago. I'm glad I found a use for it.

I lined the bag and the pocket with frabric from a sheet that had those sweet little rose buds on it. I just love that stuff for little girls (babies especially). It just looks so sweet and innocent.

Anyway, Addison is happy with it and that makes me happy with it. And to make it even better, I only spent about $3 on it. Can't hardly beat that!!

I still need to make one for Kirsten. Hers will be cat themed. I've bought a piece of fabric for the pocket but put it away and now I can't find it anywhere. I do that so often that you'd think I would learn by now.

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Niki :-) said...

love ♥ the look of old tapestries. great job! you've been busy girl!♥