Friday, May 28, 2010

For the girls....

My girls were all in the Honors Choir this spring at school. They had a big production at the end of the year, Long Live Rock And Roll.

The show was the best!!!

But, you can't have a rock 'n roll show without poodle skirts....

I didn't mae the middle skirt. It was left over from a Halloween costume.

I took this one of them walking inside the school so that you can see that we did up the whole outfit.

The girls liked their skirts better than the other girls' skirts. They orded a bunch from some place and they were all just wrap around with velcro, so my girls felt a little more special in theirs. lol

Hey, whatever keeps me looking like a hero for as long as possible, right? They're going to be teenagers before I know it and who knows if I'll do anything right when that happens. Gotta' go for the glory while I still can. lol

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