Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to shirt refashioning

Ha! I guess I can't go too long without showing a shirt make-over.

I wonder if there is a twelve step program for this? lol


I had these two shirts that I didn't wear much. One was too short and one was too low cut.

(Pardon my helper in the picture. She doesn't quite understand 'move' when I say it.)

I've been seeing all these posts from other bloggers that put ruffles onto shirts to re-do their look. I'm not usually much for ruffles so when I tried it I didn't make them terribly full.

I gave it my best shot at making some little gathered roses at the bottom of the neckline to help make it even a little less revealing.

I still need to work on that technique a little, but at least I have a shirt I'll wear now.

And what's even better is that I only used the sleeves off of the shirt that was too short. That still leaves me with options on doing something else with it. woohoo!

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Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Shirt refashions are addicting. And this looks awesome.