Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Felt Popcorn Tutorial

Awhile back I posted this picture of the felt popcorn I had made and promised to post a tutorial.

So here it is, I guess. 

I've never done a tutorial so forgive me if it makes no sense. :0)

I am making a bunch of felt food for my neice for Christmas. I thought it would be great for her to play with in the little kitchen she got last year. I looked all over the internet and couldn't find a popcorn pattern that was quite what I wanted. So, of course, that left me with having to come up with something on my own.

I started with just a circle of white felt (actually I tried several different sized circles) but still didn't like the finished product when I got them all sewn up. I spent so much time cutting it into the shape I wanted (after I'd sewn my circle) that I decided I needed to start with a different shape altogether.

I cut several shapes out of paper and tried them and finally settled on this flower looking piece. To make it a little more sturdy, I cut it out of heavy plastic (it's the top off of a small plastic container that had scrapbooking ribbon in it--I like to use what I already have around the house if I can.)

Then, I used a yellow colored pencil to trace my pattern onto the white felt. I figured since I would be 'buttering' the popcorn later, yellow was my best bet.

 Then cut them out.

Using white thread I stitched one long stitch in each petal.

I rolled up a tiny ball of stuffing.

And placed that in the center of my piece of popcorn.

Then pull the thread tight so that it gathers up all of the petals.

You can adjust them around if you need to.

Then I wrapped the thread around the outside of my piece of popcorn while pulling it even tighter.  I wanted to make sure that the stuffing would stay put inside. The thread should wrap around above the stuffing but still at the base of the petals.

Next, I ran the needle up and through the center of my piece of popcorn so that I could knot it on the inside. That way the knot could be hidden.

After the piece of popcorn is all sewn, I hit the edges with a yellow marker. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I just wanted a little yellow here and there so that it would look buttered. I still wanted it to be mostly white. Be sure, though, that the marker is a non-toxic one. Don't want anyone getting sick if the popcorn makes to their mouth. Although, these pieces are really popcorn size so it would be wise to keep them away from little ones that don't know yet not to put things in their mouth.

And that's it! I love the way it turned out. It looks really authentic and you don't have to guess what it is. lol

One word of caution though........since this is working with white felt, wash your hands before you start working on these. Otherwise, your popcorn will be dingy and nobody likes dirty popcorn.

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MJ said...

Very impressive! I love how it really resembles the real thing :) just dont get confused!