Sunday, December 19, 2010

To market, to market......

With all of the felt food that I've made for my niece I figured she should have something to carry it in, so I made a market bag for her also.

I just used fabric that I had on hand and made up the design as I went.

I used burlap for the outside. But, since that's kind of itchy, I lined the inside and added some little handles.

This whole project was just so much fun. I've never worked with felt before and I didn't have patterns for any of the things I did. It is so far off from my norm for me to do things without a pattern and directions. It was really freeing. And honestly, trying something with no pattern and having it turn out the way I envisioned really gave me a boost of confidence to keep going. It really has helped me to even begin to think about branching out more on my own and looking at things in a whole new way. Give it a try yourself!!

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