Monday, February 28, 2011


It was a good weekend. 

I was actually able to get something done this weekend. Woohoo!! Feels like that doesn't happen often enought at my house. It was a really busy week--soccer practice 3 days, orthodontist with new braces for Kirsten, meeting for cheerleader try-outs--so I was in desparate need of some down time by the time Friday rolled around.

While the kids were all pre-occupied I snuck out to my studio and played around a little. (I have to wait until the kids are busy or someone is constantly out there digging around in stuff and then I don't manage to get anything accomplished.)

Anyway, I had finished the stitching for these blocks awhile ago, but finally got around to putting the borders on.

They are from Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark block of the month. I have two other blocks that are almost done as far as stitching goes. I need to go buy one more color of thread to finish them. And then I think that will put me at only having a couple more blocks left to get the project all together finished. I need to do that since they stitch up so quickly.

I haven't given any rhyme or reason to the borders that I've sewn onto my stitching so I'll be interested to see how it all comes together when the piece is done. Does that make it a mystery project?

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