Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Sewing

I did actually get something completed over the weekend. I was glad that it was actually warm enough to get back out to my little space and get some sewing done.

This is from a cute little mini quilt kit that I ordered from Daisy Cottage Quilting.

I just love Sharon's stuff. We seem to have just about the same taste so I need for her to quit getting new things in because I can't keep up. LOL

Oh, and I appologize for the pictures. I finished sewing the binding on while I was waiting for Addison at soccer practice and I was taking the pictures out in the parking lot at the park. I'm sure the other people around wondered what the heck I was up to! Crazy lady alert!! LOL

I have to say though, that when I finished the top I showed to my husband and he couldn't see the heart shapes made by the squares. I had to actually fold it up so that only one little red heart was showing before he got it. Then, I showed it to all the girls and asked them what it was. They all immediately said 'Hearts.' Then, I showed it to my son and he said they were red 'V's'. So, I guess the males in my house have no imagination or something? Or maybe they just need things spelled out for them a little more clearly? I dunno'.

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Such a sweet little valentine project:) Looks like your hubby is quite leather crafty too!