Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last minute gifts

Two of my girls are cheerleaders for the school year that's just around the corner. If I make it through the whole year without doing harm to their cheer coach it will likely be a miracle. I've already been somewhere past livid with her and the year hasn't even started. Lord help me!

No, really, I mean that. I'm going to need help.

Okay, back to the point of this post. When I picked the girls up from practice yesterday afternoon they informed me that they needed gifts for their 'big sisters' for today.

Seriously? (Don't get me started again!)

Now, you need to know that I live kind of out of town of a small town. The next town is about 25 miles away. My gift choices here in town are the dollar store, the grocery store, hardware store, or feed store. Not many options right here for gifts a teenage girl might want. I didn't have the time, energy, or gas money to head all the way back into the bigger town again. The cheer coach's suggestion is always candy, but Addison's big sister is seriously ill and can't have the sugar right now so that wasn't even an option.

The girls threw out a lot of different ideas so we settled on these.

For Abigail's big sis I made a bracelet and a pouch to put it in.

 I had a Diet Rite can for this bracelet. Fortunately I already had the bracelet part made. I had another project in mind for it that didn't work out the way I had hoped so it was a quick project for this. All I had to do was make the charms and put them on there.

Then I made her this little pouch to put it in.

The picture does not do this fabric justice. It is a whole lot brighter than this. Think 70's psychedelic. Abigail picked it out of a bunch of scraps I had.

Addison decided to go with a pillow made from a tie dye t-shirt that I had in with my stash.

I thought the pillow was too plain when I got it finished so I cut two little scraps of fabric. On the top piece I put her name with a paint marker then used black thread to stitch it to the other piece. I sewed them onto the pillow with my stitch hidden under the the top piece and left the raw edges out. Addison put a little bottle of hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works in a carrier and tied it around the pillow. Lizzie can't be around germs any more than absolutely necessary so Addison thought that good smelling sanitizer was called for.

I finished the two projects somewhere around midnight. I left the dishes in the sink so that these could get done. Wonder if anyone else did those for me today!

I hope the girls liked their gifts.

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