Friday, October 21, 2011


Things haven't even thought about slowing down around here. If I had known it would be this busy I would have had kids when I was younger and had more energy. lol As crazy as it was when they were babies, I never would have thought it would get more hectic as they got older. To add to the insanity, Wyatt has been released to start physical therapy three days a week. No worries here about having too much time on our hands and getting bored. lol

This week is homecoming week at school so I made mums for the girls to wear. I was able to make all three mums for less than one would have cost if I had ordered them. That's just crazy!!

Here's Kirsten with hers.

(That's Abigail peaking around her and Addison in the background.)

There are several ribbons that they all have in common and then they each got ribbons that are specific to them. Like Addison got soccer and Abigail got band. Kirsten loves peace signs to there is one hanging from her mum. I was kidding her because there is also some ribbon with hearts on it that she picked out as well as a silver football. So I guess her mum stands for peace, love and football? They don't think I'm so funny. lol

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