Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ornaments as gifts

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, or other holiday that you may celebrate. I just love the times that family gets together because we have such a good time.

I made these ornaments for my mother-in-law. She loves things that are made with the kids' hand prints on them. I started doing it when they were little and since they just turned 13, I'm starting to run low on ideas that will still work.

When I say I'm running low on ideas on the hand print gifts I am totally serious. We have done everything I could think of on my own....reindeer with hand print antlers, hand print Christmas wreath, footprint fish, footprint ghosts, to name a few. It's been so hard to think of new things that when they were still little I put paint on their little butts and sat them on a t-shirt and turned those prints into butt-erflies. LOL Thank goodness for other crafters out there to keep me going with this. I wonder how much longer I can get my kids to still participate in this madness. HA!

Anyway, thank goodness for pinterest! ....which is where I saw the idea for these.

This is a Rudolph ornament made with a thumb print.

And these are snowmen ornaments made with three fingers. Their hands are too big now to do it any differently -- unless, of course, if I had bought giant ornaments for them to do these on. lol

I also made her a set of coasters but didn't get a picture taken of them before they got wrapped up. Then I forgot to do it after presents were opened. But, picture this: I used tumbled marble tiles from Lowe's that were about 4" X 4". I printed out a variety of pictures of the grand kids (both our kids and Dax's sister's kids). Using mod podge I glued them to the tiles. The pictures didn't take up the whole tile but I mod podge-ed the whole tile so that it would all be sealed good. I think I went over the top of the pictures with the mod podge three times to be sure to get them well attached and well sealed. I hope that putting a drink on them won't mess them up. (fingers crossed). But, my mother-in-law liked them. She couldn't wait to take them to work and show them off!

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