Monday, December 12, 2011

Pancake Balls

I've done it again. I've managed to go ages without posting. Shame on me!!!  In my (slight) defense, though, Dax and I were out of town for 9 or 10 days. Does that count? lol

Anyway, I have lots of things in the works, but nothing finished quite yet......and honestly, I'm running out of time to get some of them finished. (read: Christmas gift giving panic is setting in!!!)

But, aside from that, there was this going on.

For their birthday, the kids got gift cards to Target. While Dax & I were gone, my parents took them to spend their gift cards. Addison got one of these:

 It's a cake ball maker. She's made lots of brownie balls and they're great.

Here's a little secret.....if you don't cook them quite as long as the instructions say and leave them a little gooey in the middle, they're like molten lava cakes! Heaven!!

Anyway, the other morning I decided to make banana pancakes because I had bananas that needed to be used but didn't have time for banana muffins. I had seen these banana bread pancakes and decided to give them a try.

And, just to make it completely different, I cooked them in Addison's cake ball maker.

I put a few in a bowl and drizzled syrup over them.

The kids thought they were great, and a little fun since they were in a different shape.

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