Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012

It's a new year, and with that comes a flood of new ideas and new commitments that many of us make to ourselves. Since I'm usually terrible at keeping new year's resolutions, I've really enjoyed the trend of just picking a word that describes where you would like to focus your attention for the year. Last year I chose 'thrift' as that word (as it applied to my crafting mostly.) I think I did pretty well with using things that I already had on hand instead of always buying a whole bunch of new stuff every time I wanted to try something.

For my goal in other personal interests and activities last year, I chose

I've decided to stick with that word again, but this time across the board. I found that it really does release me from a lot of the stress that past resolutions have caused. I mean, think about it....how hard is it really to do at least one thing better during the year? I don't narrow it down any more than that because the possibilities on ways to improve are endless, I tell ya.

Last year, I did better about keeping the house cleaner (although at the moment it looks like a bomb went off, but that will get back in shape now that the kids are back in school.) Dax & I worked out last year and completed the whole Insanity program, I lost the 10 pounds I had hoped to, I got into the habit of flossing my teeth daily (no more fibbing to the dentist that I was really consistent about it) I made more and more foods at home instead of buying them pre-made, and I did some de-cluttering (and have miles and miles to go my friend.)

Just look at all the things that I did 'better' at last year!! How in the world could I end the year disappointed with myself about my resolutions? My hopes are that this year the continued improvements and building on the things that I did last year will show a noticeable difference.

How about you? What did you decide?

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