Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another Annie Done

Last week was really hectic and this week isn't looking much better. Last week Dax spent much of the week in bed with the flu. He's was super sick even though we all got flu shots months ago. I told the kids not to even get close enough for him to breath on them. lol  It made it super crazy at the office since Dax is a CPA and we own a tax practice. It's the absolute worst time of the year for him to be sick.

Wyatt's knee is recovering well from the surgery. He's got a whole list of exercises to be done daily.

This week there is tennis practice every day, cheer practice every day (with try-outs on Friday), band practice, and a band competition. And that's just in addition to the regularly scheduled chaos. Gaahhh!!

And, I just feel awful that March is National Craft Month and I'm not pulling my weight here. lol

I did lock myself away on Saturday for a little while and play with some fabric. It was wonderful.....but then the kids found me. lol

I finished my Annie block #10. I had done the stitching a week or so ago but just made it to the sewing machine over the weekend.

I only have two more blocks to go and then I get to put them all together. I can't wait! It's going to be sooo cute.

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