Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wash Colths

I told you that I have still been crocheting. I've seen on other blogs where people go on about how much they've fallen in love with crocheted wash clothes. I had some yarn left over from the camisole I made and since it was 100% cotton, I decided to make up a couple of wash cloths.

The two white ones are cotton. I happened to be in Hobby Lobby and touched some bamboo yarn that was soooooo soft I had to have some. That's the red one.

I haven't used them yet. So far I just like looking at them all folded and stacked. Maybe I'm just afraid that I'll really like them and then I'll go crazy with making more and more. LOL I'm thinking they're a great way to use up left over yarn and to practice new stitches. If you make gauge swatches (which I never do--I'm bad that way) go ahead and make them big enough to use as a wash cloth later. Maybe now I should start doing that. lol

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