Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little organization

Slowly but surely I'm going to get my house organized.

I think the key word here is really 'slowly'. But, hey, each little thing is a step in the right direction.

Here's what I did over the weekend.

Well, first of all, I cleaned out my pantry. That, my friend, was no small feat. I have a rather large pantry and it was crammed full of stuff that had no business being in there. It's just roomy and too easy to throw stuff on the extra shelves. There were so many craft things in there that it took me three trips to carry it all out to my craft room. I also went crazy throwing things out and that took another couple of trips out to the trash. In addition, I had a shelf that was nothing but cleaning supplies. I decided those had to go too.

So that gets me to my first organizing project picture.

 This shoe caddy used to hold my girls' hair clips and all of that stuff. But since they're older now and doing their own hair, they've moved all of that stuff into their own bathroom.

Why let a good organization tool go to waste?

I hung it on the back of the door in my laundry room and filled it with those cleaning supplies that I took from my pantry. Woohoo!! This one didn't cost me anything. Score!!

Oh, and I used the 3M removable hooks to hang it so that I didn't have to do any damage to my door. I love those things!!


I have two sinks in the master bathroom. However, we only use one sink because the other one always has my flat iron and our blow dryer in it. Ha!

So, I was in Office Depot and bought a magazine holder that is metal to hold the blow dryer and flat iron.

I used more 3M removable hangars to hang it on the side of the bathroom cabinet right by the plug we use.


How easy is that? I don't have to mess with the cords knocking things out of the cabinet if I put it in there and my sink is clear. I can't even remember that I can use the sink now because it's been so long.

Anyway, I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have a clean pantry, organized cleaning supplies that are out of sight (because they're on the back of a door that I almost never close), and I can use both sinks in the bathroom (not to mention how much tidier it looks without those things in the sink.) It just makes me giddy!!

I hope it gives you ideas of different ways to use everyday stuff.

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