Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Wreath

I saw a picture on pinterest of a cute Easter Bunny wreath so decided I needed to make one.

Here's my finished wreath....

Here's how I made mine:

I started with a pool noodle. (Note: this is one that I picked up off the side of the road to use for something else last year and then changed my mind.)

I cut about 10 inches of it off  so that I could make a smaller circle with it. I used duct tape to hold my circle together.
Then I wrapped my boas around until it was covered. Because I used a green noodle it took me 5 boas to cover it and probably could have used another but I didn't want to wait to finish it until I made it back to the store. :0)

I used the ears from an Easter headband.

I cut them off of the head band and glued them onto my wreath. The boas have little loops at each end of them and I left one of them loose to hang the wreath with.

So here's the finished wreath.

So.....I still think it's cute, but I made my circle a little too big because I think it looks kind of like a cat. HA! And Dax says he's not sure which end of the bunny he's looking at here. (He's a sick, sick man. lol)

Anyway, today I clicked through on Pinterest and read the original post on how to she made hers -- because who would want to read the instructions first? -- and hers is a lot easier than what I did. Go figure! You can check out Mrs. B's Hive's post here, and trust me, her directions are a lot easier.

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