Tuesday, July 6, 2010

T-shirt refashion

I remade a t-shirt that I had bought on a clearance rack for $2 or something like that.

I started with a shirt that was too big for me.

I cut it off right under the arms.

Then I used the fabric from the back of the shirt top to make straps.

Then I used elastic thread in the bobbin to put in a few lines of shirring on the back.

That helps it to stay a little more tightly against me. That way I don't flash anyone if I bend over.

I'm pleased with the way it turned out. It fits well and is comfortable to wear. I made sure to make the straps wide enough to cover my bra straps so that wouldn't be an issue either.

I would think that if you are using a shirt that already fits you could avoid the shirring in the back.

I've taken the time to be busy in my sewing room studio (sounds more sophisticated) and I've been loving it. If only I didn't have so much other stuff to take care of too. *sigh*

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