Monday, October 18, 2010

Another block done

I finished the fourth block in Sharon's Annie block of the month.

I just can't wait to get all of these blocks made and sewn together. It's just going to be so cute!!!

I've already even got the next block traced and ready to start stitching. Yeah me! lol

On another note, my kids think I've lost my mind. They're pre-teens so what's new, right?

But, before I let them give clothes away I always go through the sacks. (I've got about 5 garbage bags full of clothes to go through right now.)

Anyway, I always check to make sure they're not giving away something that has fabric that I fell in love with when I bought the clothes in the first place. Some things I'm just not willing to part with that easily because I love the fabric and I know I can use it in some other way.  I also have to make sure that they aren't trying to donate things that are ruined and just need to be thrown away. I read an article not too long ago on how much charity thrift shops are forced to spend and waste services just to haul off the things that get donated that aren't fit to be sold.

But I also have to go through the clothes to make sure they're not trying to get rid of things like this:

This is a pair of socks that I bought for my girls. One of them decided to play outside in the socks with no shoes and put a big hole in the bottom of one. Well, she decided to get rid of them and I just about fainted when I found them about to disappear forever. Look at all of those buttons that she almost sent to be thrown away!!!! Gaah! LOL

That's the real reason they think I'm crazy. Because I grabbed the socks out of the bag and then sat and cut all of those buttons off. What a waste that would have been.

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