Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bento lunch

I love all the cute bento lunches that I've seen when I'm blog surfing. Well, I finally couldn't take it anymore so I made them for my kids.

I just used square plastic containers (the kind that I normally use for leftovers.) I ended up adding more cupcake liners for the crackers and the cheese and chicken so that things wouldn't move around so much.....besides, it looked better in there with everything all separated out. :0)

The strawberries and grapes that I bought are huge!!!!

I used Texas shaped crackers and then cut out shapes of colby jack cheese, and roasted chicken lunch meat.

And I made these cookies.

They're 'Nilla Wafers with a chocolate cookie in the middle. They're held together with red and green icing for the fixins. I bake cookies every morning for their lunches. When I originally saw these cookies (again, somewhere blog surfing) they used a chocolate covered cookie but, believe it or not, I couldn't find any at the store. So I baked up some tiny chocolate cookies this morning. Every one of the kids commented on how small the cookies were this morning since they didn't know what I was doing with them. Are they spoiled or what?! LOL

The kids were already excited about their lunches before I even got them made. I was afraid they would be embarassed about the cutesy factor (since they're almost teens and all) but they like them. Woohoo!! Although, now Addison has decided that she wants these types of lunches every day. Yikes!!

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