Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A New Bag........

My Mom has been saying for some time now that she needed to learn to crochet. Soooooo, for her birthday I had gotten her some supplies to get started.

I had looked at the bags at Hobby Lobby (it's all we have in my area) and didn't really find anything that I thought she would like.

Then last week, as I was grabbing some other supplies, I came across a display that had kits for aprons and a couple of different styles of bags. I decided to make one of those for her.

I chose this one because I thought she would like the fabric.

It comes as one big panel that includes all the pieces as well as the directions.

I thought that was great, especially for what I wanted to use it for.

However, the lining for this piece was a hot pink with black/grey leopard spots.  Not really my Mom's style.

So, I dug around a little in my stash and found this fabric instead.

It has the same colors as the outside fabric and the strap. Score!!

Anyway, I was careful when I stitched up the bottom of the lining by using an invisible stitch (although if you look closely, it's not invisible enough. LOL) Now, this bag is also reversible! Another score!!

I hope she likes it!

I saved the lining pieces that came on the panel and I'll use those to make another bag. Maybe a school bag for one of the girls for next year?

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