Monday, May 23, 2011


Two of my girls will be cheerleaders next year, but they started practicing this year. They do a big spring show to say good-bye to the outgoing cheerleaders and to welcome the incoming cheerleaders.

Anyway, they get assigned big sisters that they are supposed to exchange gifts with every now and then, and there's a $10 limit on the gifts. I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but as a product of me the girls want the gifts to be extra special so I wind up making them.

For Addison's big sister, I bought a straw bag at Target's dollar spot and put in some of her big sister's favorite soda, a container of the hamburger cookies, some 'french fries' (made with bread stick dough), and ketchup (made with strawberry jelly).

Of course they CAN'T both give the same thing so we had to come up with something different for Abigail's big sister.  We settled on a candy sundae.

I used kisses to fill the glass (it's an old fashioned coca-cola glass from the dollar store), tootsie midgies, a tootsie pop for the cherry and a pixie stick for the straw.

Abigail really liked and wants one for herself now. Too bad they ate all the left over candy already. LOL

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