Monday, May 14, 2012

Joint project

One of my daughters (Kirsten) really likes crochet. I taught her some basic stuff and she made a few scarfs and is working on an afghan. I just have to say that the afghan is really long and she's doing it all in single crochet. By the time she's done with it, it's going to be too heavy for her to lift up onto her loft bed. LOL

Anyway, when we were at the library not too long ago she checked out a book on crochet and chose a bag to make.

She chose her own colors and got started on the bag right away.

I say it was a joint effort because there were a couple of rounds on the flowers where the instructions were pretty confusing so I did those. Then, she put all of the squares together and crocheted the rest of the bag.

We went to the quilting store and she picked out a fabric that I used to line the bag for her so that she could use it at school without pens and pencils falling through.

I had some concerns about the crochet on the strap being tight enough to hold much weight without stretching. After her first day of carrying it at school, she came home and said that it had stretched down to past her knees. LOL So, I took the excess and stitched it together to make a bow at the top and then lined the rest of the strap with the same fabric that the bag is lined with. It seems to be working and she's carrying the bag everyday.

I'm just so proud of her for stepping out and trying new things without being afraid of it being too hard.

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