Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lunch time

I found this really cute tablecloth on clearance at Target (my home away from home) and thought it would be great to make some cute little lunch bags with.

I had a free pattern for a lunch bag from All People Quilt. The construction looked easy enough so I decided to give it a try.

I made about three changes to the pattern as written.

For one, I added a handle/strap to it.

Now, mind you, I thought I was making a lunch sack. I figured one of my girls would probably use it and I wanted to make sure that their lunches (including their drink bottle) would fit so I opted for the instructions for the large bag.

When I was cutting out my material, I thought the 18 X 22 inch size seemed a little big but assured myself that with the sides and bottom of the bag it would work out to the perfect size.

That leads me to the second change I made. I changed it from a lunch bag to a picnic lunch bag because it's freakin' huge!!

But it's still pretty cute...

I used a piece from a pink gingham sheet for the lining and the handle.

Okay, I'm sure you're wondering what the third change I made is. I guess if you weren't already you are now, right?

Well, what the directions say is that you need an outside and a lining piece of fabric which are 18 X 22 each. Those are then to be cut into two 10 X 11 inch pieces for each fabric. DOH!  If I had really been paying attention to what I was doing my bag would have been exactly what I wanted it to be and not some lunch sack for a giant.

But, since I still have plenty left of both fabrics I guess that now I can make smaller lunch bags and have a complete set. LOL

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