Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A little organization

I spent some quality time in my sewing room this weekend.

While I was out there, I managed to get a little organizing done.

And I do mean a LITTLE.

I got most of my ribbon in order.

I used a hanger that is designed for multiple pairs of pants. Each row (except for the very bottom) opens so that the ribbon spools can slide on and still be able to turn if you just want to pull off some ribbon and cut it.

This is such a welcome change since before this my ribbon was all in a bag. Well, that was before. I was looking for some ribbon one morning and I was in a hurry and got so frustrated that I had just dumped it all on the floor and that's where it remained (just keeping it real here.) So you can imagine how happy I am to have it up, organized, and out of the way. WooHoo!!

Now if only I could do that with the rest of the stuff in the room. LOL

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Ag.perdew said...

Love your ribbon organizer. I saw you on Top moms and wanted to come by and vote for you. I joined your GFC. Hope you have a great day. Hope you will follow me back @ www.onecreativeprocrastinatinggal.blogspot.com