Friday, August 17, 2012

Another cloth...

I crocheted another wash cloth.

I don't think that was really what the pattern was intended for, but that's what I wanted it for.

It's a sunflower pattern. And, I should make note that it's not finished like the original pattern. And this time it's not because I just can't follow the instructions. It's because I was working on this in the car when we were taking the kids to spend the week with their grandparents. I was following along with the pattern on my phone. I found it on pinterest and I thought I had either liked or repinned the pattern. Well, it appears that I didn't do either of those things. I had made a mistake in counting somewhere along the way and when I went from my circle to a square I wound up with a pentagon. LOL So I pulled all of that out and then set it down. In the meantime, I closed the app on my phone without even thinking about it and lost the pattern. I tried searching everything I could think of and haven't been able to find it again so I had to do some of it by memory and then some of it I just had to make up.

But, here it is never the less. And, if I can't find the pattern again, it's totally one of a kind. But, it's a really nice pattern and I would like to give the designer her due credit and link back to the pattern in case someone else wants to make it. I'll keep looking and update here if/when I find it.

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