Friday, January 4, 2013

And more cookies.....

Here's another of the cookie recipes that I made during my cookies for clients baking marathon. Huh, I like the sound of that. Maybe that's what I'll refer to it as from now on. lol

Anyway, these cookies are called Dishpan Cookies and I used this recipe to make them. There are several recipes out there (as I later found out) but this is the first one that I came across and it's the one I used.

They're called dishpan cookies because the recipe is so large that you need to use a dishpan to make them in. Now, I didn't use a dishpan but I did use a very large bowl.

I also accidentally made a batch without the baking soda or salt. But honestly, they still tasted great, they just didn't flatten out like the other cookies.

These taste good and have so many things in them that are considered good food that I was almost tempted to feed them to my kids for breakfast.

Well, the good ingredients and the lack of sleep working together. But, alas, I came to my senses and they got a decent breakfast.

Trust me, there were plenty of cookies left for them to eat that afternoon. And for the next week!

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