Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Santa's Little Helper

That was the theme of a pageant one of my daughters did in December.

She decided to dress as an elf.

Now, I don't know if you realize this or not, but elf shoes aren't that easy to find.

I looked at several places around town with no luck so decided to just make them myself. We had plenty of notice, but of course I put it off until the night before.  Although I had designed them more than once in my head.

I started with plain green felt and a rough outline of her foot.

I used a heavier, stiff, glittered felt for the tops of the shoes. Each shoe had one green side and one red side.

This is the shape that I cut out of each. I left the one side on the edge of the felt where it's straight because that's the part that I will sew to the green bottoms. I sewed a red piece and a green piece together at the back and the front all the way to the point of the curve.

Then I stitched that to the green shoe bottom. At this point it looks like the picture below.

That's all that I did on my sewing machine. I stitched the tops together by hand. I joined my red and green sides together in the middle and stitched all the way to the point in the curve. Then I attached a bell.

They were still a little loose so I attached some ribbon to the heel parts so she could tie them around her ankle. And i stuffed some pipe cleaners into the the part that sticks up just to help them hold the bells up.

I thought they turned out pretty good, and she got lots of compliments on them at the pageant.

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