Wednesday, January 16, 2013

That covers it

Two of my daughters share a bedroom. Kirsten loves zebra print and has been wanting that in their bedroom for some time. Addison, on the other hand, doesn't want it at all. Since Kirsten always gives in on these things I decided it was time for her to have her way.

But, I did still take Addison into consideration and decided not to go hog wild with the zebra print.

Last year Dax's mom had given me a black comforter set (which doesn't match anything in my bedroom) but it was a good deal. Anyway, it's a king size comforter and the girls have twin size beds. Also, because they're loft beds I didn't want something that hung way down on the sides. I measured their beds and the comforter and cutting it in half would work perfectly.

So, I gathered yards and yards of zebra print fabric and stitched it to half of that king size comforter. I topped that with some wide, hot pink rick-rack.

And, I ended up with this:

I gave Kirsten a set of sheets in a matching zebra print and Addison got a set in hot pink with white polka dots. This way, they're both happy. Score!!

Now, I do have to mention that I way underestimated how much fabric it would take to put a ruffle around two twin comforters so I originally only ordered enough to make it around one. When my second order of fabric arrived, my girls (as usual) were being nosy so I had to hide the package from them. Guess what I still can't find. Sooooo, I only have one comforter completed and the other is on hold until I can find my magic hiding place. I should probably ask the girls to would likely only take minutes for them to find it. LOL


kc @ genxfinance said...

Way to go mom by coming up with a design that will make them both happy. But yeah, good luck looking. lol

Anonymous said...
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