Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday Morning Diet Challenge Check In

I haven't really been good this week at all. This going home at 11:00 at night and grabbing something in a drive thru to eat is not good for a diet at all. Neither is being too darn tired to exercise. I'm trying to eat right, but just don't have the time to do the prep work either. Since I have to have all of this work done by the end of the month I at least know that soon I can do all the extra stuff that needs to be done to make this work.

With that said, my results for the week were.......that I am the same. Didn't gain, didn't lose. I guess that's better than gaining.

And, I hate that I'm doing this but here's a picture.

GAAH!!! I hope you're happy Sharon!! LOL Those jeans were loose at this same time last year. And that extra chin wasn't there either!! I had to take the pic myself in the mirror because everybody else was asleep when I got home. (I did take the picture last Monday, I just didn't remember my camera until late in the week so I waited until now to post it.)


Niki :-) said...

You look lovely! Tons thinner than me :)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You look fabulous!!! I just wish I could wear THOSE jeans. LOLOL!!! Hey at least you didn't gain any this week. Your doing good!
Oh and I am happy now.

Tropical Storm Jenessa said...

oh the drive through times - i don't miss those, often. just remember to be smart when you do it, there's always at least one decent option (though the others are hard to resist!)

KathySWFL said...

No gain is also good. I wish I could wear those jeans.

Anonymous said...

You go girl, maintaining the weight is half the battle.

P.S. Your 101 things list is making me feel really, really guilty!

i am very mary said...

OMG. I totally hate my extra chin. Stupid chin.