Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick and fun scarf

I was puttering around online the other day (I know, what a stretch!) and I saw a picture of a scarf that had an animal at each end. It was really cute.

I don't have any idea about how that scarf was made, but I did one of my own.

First I asked Addison if she had any stuffed animals that she didn't want anymore that also had black in it. I asked for black because I knew I had some black fleece on hand.

She came back with a panda.

So, I cut it in half, took out a little bit of the stuffing, and stitched a half to each end of my fleece.

Lickity-split, in a matter of 5-10 minutes, she had a new scarf.

Forgive the model. I can almost never get her to act normal in a picture.

Although, really, for her this level of silly is normal.

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