Thursday, January 12, 2012

School Projects

The last several evening have been consumed with projects for the kids' Texas History classes.

They had a list of people that they could make some type of project that related to that person or a landmark.

Here's what they came up with. I'll add here that we've been through a WHOLE lot of clay at our house in the last week.

Wyatt made the Alamo.
 It was made with clay that was rolled out to about 1/4" thickness. A dishcloth was used to get the texture. He used a toothpick to make lines for the different bricks (he forgot to on this front piece because he was too worried about the windows.) The clay curved a bit on the front piece and when he was dry brushing the color on (try explaining dry brushing to a 13 year old boy.....OY!) the bottom broke. I cut out a piece of cardboard and glued the front piece onto it. Thankfully he said it held long enough for him to turn his project in. lol

Kirsten did a sculpture of the Angel of Goliad.
 I baked the clay for about an hour - even though it's air dry clay - but it was getting late and she needed to paint it. It will probably take at least a week for it to really be dry. lol When she was painting it she remembered that she had wanted to make wings and a halo. Crap!! So I looked around and remembered we had a bag of feathers and were able to find two white ones that were close in size. I pulled the halo off of one of my Christmas decorations. lol

Addison made Davey Crockett's fiddle (at least I think that's who's it is.) She cut it out of styrofoam. Boy does that make a mess!! Anyway, the top and sides are just wood grain scrapbook paper. And she used thumb tacks to hold the strings in place.

Abigail used a piece of the paper that I had tea stained for an earlier project they did. She made the quill pen and ink jar out of clay. I forgot who's items these were. She actually looked up letters that her person had written and wrote the first sentence or two on the paper.

Overall I think they did a pretty good job. They said that theirs looked better than most of the projects that they had seen at that point. Wyatt was very upset with his Alamo because of where it broke until he got to school and saw some of the others. He said that his was way better than what he saw already turned in. I hope they get good grades because they really did work hard on them.

Maybe now I can get back to things that I actually think are fun. lol

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