Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heading west

Well, my little flock has been sent west to be assigned to their new homes. I hope they're happy with their new friends.

I wonder what's got their interest. They all seem to be staring at something. hmmmm....maybe if I can get a picture from a different angle without scaring them off....

...looks like it must be lunch. lol

It was a lot of fun participating in Creative Kismet's Birds of Change Exchange. This is the first one I've participated in and to make it even better, everything came from my scraps. Woohoo! I hope to do something like it again sometime. I'm usually a little hesitant about what I feel I can accomplish since the kids keep life so hectic. lol Of course, now the kids have all been through my scraps and picked out the fabric they want their birds made out of. lol