Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine attempt

I had seen these cute valentine ideas on Tip Junkie and decided they would be great to make for the kids' classes at school.

Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to even attempt them. I ended up not making them for the classes. I still think they're cute so I'll try for next year. I need time to work out the best plastic to use, good layout for the maze, etc., etc. I gave the four I made to the kids and they think they're great. :0) It's so good to have little fans of just about anything around. lol

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day. It's not a day that Dax & I go out of our way to celebrate. I told him long ago that I prefer to be treated well everyday and in return for that we can let Valentine's Day go by without much hooplah. lol


Anonymous said...

What a cute craft, don't they always take longer than we anticipate!

Happy V-day to you and yours!

Regina said...

Your Valentines are AWESOME!! Great thinkin'!

Happy Heart day!!