Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning Check In

This week I remain the same. I feel like that's a huge accomplishment though. My parents were here over the weekend and brought all kinds of junk food to my house - including some sinfully good brownies. But I was good and actually left some for the other people in my house. lol My busy time at the office is over now and I can get back to a somewhat normal routine which will make things so much easier. 18 hours a day at the office doesn't leave time for much else. I did actually get up this morning and exercise. Woohoo! It's been way too long, I can feel my muscles tightening up already. lol I didn't find any salad recipes that I thought looked any better/different than the usual. I look forward to seeing if anyone else came up with something good. I'm hoping to post a loss next week. :0)


Judy said...

Excellent job this week! I'm happy with zero too this week!

Jenessa said...

mmmm... brownies - the only saving grace for me and brownies is i have to make them from scratch to be able to eat them (and i just haven't had the gumption)- i wouldn't leave any for anyone else!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Remaining the same is not a bad thing. Some weeks we just dont lose any. But good job on the browinies. lolol I would have dove right in. I love brownies!!