Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Check In

Last week was up and down for me. I started the week off on the right foot. Got up and exercised two days in a row. But I got sick and just didn't have it in me to exercise. Do you think maybe it was my body rebelling against the exercise? I did pretty good on the eating - although not really by choice. I just didn't feel up to it for the most part. For the week I was down .5 lbs. I wish it had been more but I'll take what I can get. lol Now, if I could keep the lack of desire to eat and feel well enough to get back to exercising then I'd have it made. :0) Don't know what this week will bring. I'm still feeling under the weather (but think I'm on my way to healthy) but I'll be leaving town tonight because my Dad is having surgery tomorrow morning. I guess I'll just have to make healthy choices while we're on the road and waiting at the hospital.


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Good luck to your dad Taryn. And to you too on the eating while on the road. That's hard to do. Just eat alot of salads maybe??? No fast food fries that's for sure. lolol
Congrats on the weight loss though.

Jenessa said...

i wish your dad a speedy recovery. watch the not eating though - you don't want your body to eat away the muscle you are building exercising, that's just pointless! lots of fast food places have healthier choices, just make those your choices! next time prep a little more and check them out online first so you're armed with knowledge! a lot of the hospital cafeterias have good choices too.

Anonymous said...

BEst wishes to your Dad and you have a safe trip out there!